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Monday, August 3, 2009

hey girls.. do you hate to g0 to scho0l ??

If you HATE having to study for quizzes, tests, finals, anything....

an object used as a coaster, increase the hight of small children, or inc
rease the stability of poorly built furniture.
"where do you want me to put your drink?"
"oh, just leave it on top of that book."

Students should not spend more than 90 minutes per night. This time should be budgeted in the following manner:
-15 minutes looking for assignment
-11 minutes calling a friend for the assignment
-23 minutes explaining why the teacher is mean and just does not like children

-8 minutes in the bathroom
-10 minutes getting a snack

-7 minutes checking the TV Guide
-6 min
utes telling parents that the teacher never explained the assignment
-10 minutes sitting at the kitchen table waiting for Mom or Dad to do the homework.


These are given the night before they are due. This explains the name "long term". It is a long term commitment to time that begins at 9:30PM and ends at 1:30* - or later. It is important that the whole family is involved in the project. It is imperative that at least one family member races to 7eleven/24hoursshop for posterboard, and that at least one family member ends up in tears (does not have to be the student).

e parent needs to stay up and complete the project. The other parent needs to call the school and leave a message that the student is out sick. It is not necessary to have the student's name on the assignment.

*Props to Drew yah (^^,)


  1. wahh, pndai en ihsan kite berkate2
    ihsan suke skola ye??

  2. criestz>eyra
    yes my miss iera... i like skewl coz i like to hve my frend beside me.. i like my frend more then everything.. my time with my frend is my life... so let us enjoy our campus life iera.. u're my cutest frend =)

  3. kalo mak ayah malas gi sekolah..camne?hik3~

  4. criestz>Da' daffodil D
    coz girls always view my blog n many of them wished my besday.. my 'boy' frend ?? hampeh.. so we just ignoring them ok dayana amira ?? =)

    so their children going back with skewl bus..
    ok kn akak kan =)

  5. criestz, xpayahla siap nak tulis name penuh..huhu. btw, was that means that u r tired with boys? or is it tired being a guy? :p

  6. criestz>Da' daffodil D
    nope.. im proud coz im a boy.. many cute girls suround me (**,).. if u see my entry 'hepi 21st besday ihsan'.. counter how many my 'boy frend' wished me?? just 1 n he's late 2 days.. another 1 boy i don't know who is he.. where is others ?? so that's what i mean l0r~

    ok dya myra.. ok =P

  7. criest>I-sYa
    yes sya.. coz my 'boy' frend will not comen on my entry.. so for appreciated my 'girl' friend.. i just talk with u all.. u all cute..

    but cute + tears + crying = I-sYa =)

  8. i hebat bab2 tak pi sekolah ni. ahha

  9. criestz>eyna
    what do u like ?? entry ?? title ??
    or do u like me?? (pwasan je)

    criestz>chapter 14
    ey syifa.. why u're not going to skewl ??
    i will tell atikah to babap u..
    haih.. sweet girl bad skewl =P

  10. kusuka pergi skolah..
    tapi kumalas masuk kelas..
    kawad satu skolah lagi best!

    tapi tu zaman sek men sajala..
    pasni masuk u xmo buat dah..

    kusudah bertukar ke link yg baru..
    yg lama dah xder.
    so nnti jgn lupa update my link..


    jemputla ziarah cam biasa ek..
    jgn lupa follow skali!

  11. yes, hate jugakk tp to wajib kot

  12. criestz>miss Gaza
    owh don't do like that again ok at uni.. report at ur mama =P ok i'll follow u then..

    criestz>mady :)
    hey iha.. 2 years m0re ok?? after that come join us.. campus life !!! =)

  13. haha.
    bab2 nak pegi skola ne mesti ah x sukaaa :P

  14. criestz>tikah
    hey ask mama tu babap u tikah.. go to school !! =P

    owh ok.. thnks to u to for da cute babyface award yah =P

  15. criestz>°šYąňáĐyą°
    yes.. babyface l0r..
    lil + cute + young + girl = nadya (**,)

  16. criestz>°šYąňáĐyą°
    nice tongue dya =P

  17. ilike go to school, without school, sapelah akak sbg murid sekola;p

  18. criestz.arnamee
    wah.. besh student huh ??
    still a skewl student meh ?? =P

  19. Uh huuu ... Ah haaa ... Like that uh?

  20. criestz>precious
    yah just like that..
    do practice yah =P

  21. nak sekolah balek :((
    seronok sangat2

  22. criestz>syarinie
    eley sya.. u're not always cried at school yah?? ur mama tell me bout that =P

  23. eheh.
    dah mukan stud lgi dik;p
    just terkenang time old skul lu;)

  24. criestz>arnamee
    ololoo.. u can be a school teacher rite..
    22 years old =)
    student pon its ok kak anim =P

  25. criestz>enyheartsdiamond
    what style do u mean ??
    a broken n spoken english ?? =P
    im bad huhu =(


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