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Friday, July 31, 2009

study + dying = studying

0h my goodness... ~

I found myself again under pressure to go out and go to my campus.. it so tiresome that i sometimes want to sleep and wake up no more. but, i know, waiting always has an essence. i just hope i could finish again

. i want to rest! every time classes open, i always feel restless. i need to be serious. i only have one 'opponent' here in campus and that is myself. i should compete to them(my classmate) and put my best foot forward if i dont' want to fail. i should. i really should.

towards this end ?? i think it is wrong if i would only say that studying is tedious, because infact, i had & i am having great times or fun as well! how? the competitions, the adrenaline rush every time i go up at the stage, the smile i give to my lovers and other people, the silly projects, and so many, many, many (as in many!) things!

that's one of the many reasons why we should be grateful to be given the opportunity to study...

i love to study but in the same time im dying.... (XX,)

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