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Thursday, July 16, 2009

am i a sweet talker ??

when i was young i meet many people in my life and i always watch pe0ple personality.. what i learn from it is i can read a people body language.. it's very interesting.. i swear !! i can play with people emotion.. i can make them feel happy, sad, angry or guilty ..

it's very
easy to make people like me.. i just make them smile and happy, laugh together with them.. and about girls.. it's very easy to trick them to like me.. i am n0t do something bad but i just apply a knowledge.. it's mean what all i do is i just give what their heart desire.. it's not hard to give what they want because all what they want is hear a good things about them.. i just praise them with what make a sense even though it's not true but they like it.. yah it's good...

and the very important thing how to make them like me so much is a take care.. a simple words but it work( very perfect ).. as we know mostly girls need a attention from others.. they can solve their pr0blem them self but they still want to tell people their problem.. just want pe0ple to listen their problem and they will feel batter.. and im a good listener and they trust me.. that makes they like me so much.. but when they like me so much i'll go far away from them.. actually i don't like people if they like me so much (so don't like me so much ok) ..why u all girls always like that huh~

so the problem is am i a sweet talker ?? because i just want to make people surround me happy with me.. this entry is belong to girls who is think that im a sweet talker and for anybody who is like me so much(please don't).. and for all you guys if you want to says something just comment and i'll hit you back yah =)

p/s: still in broken engilsh =P

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