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Sunday, July 12, 2009

if u says your life is sucks you're wrong.. so shut up !!

I wish to write of They. "They" don't want me to make Kit a martyr. They wish the best for me, I believe, but isn't it funny how everyone's idea of what's best is conceived by their own notions? Maybe people miss the old me and want me back - the role I played anyway. I am different now. I act much the same superficially as old habits die hard. But the amalgamation has configured itself readily into a new shape. One I am not necessarily proud of - how can you be proud of being the result of an ugly choice in which you had no say? but one of necessity.
Though my eyes lay low often with heavy weeping wisps of sadness, they shine fully now. A deep glimmer of which there was only before a small sparkle, the hint of, before. Though the sounds we use to communicate are often ill-chosen in haste (retaliation? irritation? anger?) they can sing with emotion now. Though the hand

that often terrified

of a desire to swing from hitting to caress the sting behind any desire to hurt is absent, and though the hand that loved to caress is now celibate, its touch is gentle, healing.
Worlds often collide in my fixation. My m
ind is a simmering stew of activity, exploring new chasms and worlds and ideas and emotions. I do not deny that I am not always good. I hurt others, intentionally and not sometimes. But I live.
. If we continue to glow - I have a life here to learn and hopefully grow wiser.
I hope they’re not waiting for me forever under the red tree, like the dogs are waiting for j0hn at the Rainbow Bridge. I can't bear the thought. I may not come, ever. Then again I just may follow it to my home…but this story is bef0re ama died

I think it's time for me to stop complaining about my life!

Writing aina izzaty’s story was certainly eye-opening for me. Now, that is a girl who has had a BAD year! And yet, she isn't complaining.just confided. In fact, she's grateful for the good stuff coming her way now.

In honor of aina, I am making a pledge to myself and the world. I am going to concentrating on the things I am grateful for. I'd spend more, but honestly I think here is where I can start! Hopefully I'll work my way up...

I've only been awake for a little while today. But, here's what I'm grateful for this morning.

My awesome friend-ama. He's away so far from me now," There are a lot of reasons to be grateful for ama. Today, I am grateful that I miss him and for the memories we’re having together. Missing him rekindles my spark and reminds me of how much he brings to my daily life and how much important he is to me

When I first started writing stories about ama, I didn't really think about what kind of impact my blog would have on me. Getting to know a bit about all these wonderful people, having them share their stories with me and… it's all pretty amazing..

Then I writing about a tattoo, I get a feedback that support and give their advise to me. Thanked for listening and the advised. I have learned SO much from everyone, I am so grateful for knowing them even this tiny bit.

So, for you all at outside. If you still complain about your life is not perfect or “I should be like them” or “why my life is so hard”..please think it twise.. All we do is shout to ALLAH s.w.t whole day and blame everyone else for our multiple failures?? Why not we search for solution?? If your life like this please don’t worry. Your life would be better soon. What all you need is always pray to ALLAH s.w.t, work hard and after that tawakal to ALLAH s.w.t..

so after everything happen and you never praise ALLAH s.w.t,then izrail come to see you.. you apologies and appeal ALLAH s.w.t for giving a second change to live again and

(two situation-choose 1)

1-you get it... what would U do?? or

2-you are not get it but you can choose 1 place(only 1 ok) to die. which place in this earth you desire ???

(and give me your honest comment )

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