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Friday, July 3, 2009

about TATTOO - why it is banned ??? !!! (answer me please)

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I just want to ask anybody of u guys why making a tattoo is banned.. I know ALLAH s.w.t f0rbid a tattoo on human.. what all I know ab0ut why a tattoo is banned is because of ink to create a tattoo we put on our skin.. so we can’t purify our self because ink of a tattoo block a water fr0m touch our skin..but in this time a tattoo is a marking made by inserting ink into the layers of skin to change the pigment for decorative or other reasons... so water can touch our skin and we can purify our self clean as we go..when I saw people created a tattoo I always want to create a tattoo too.. it nice, cool and it has a benefit in my social relationship n for me tattoo on humans are a type of decorative body modification..i’m n0t doubt a rules what ALLAH s.w.t has been created because I know it has a big disadvantages.. I just always thinking what is the big disadvantages of created a tattoo.. I just want to make my heart calm then i’ll n0t create a tattoo.. I already asked ma teacher about why I can’t make a tattoo but she just said tattoo is banned n I was f0rbidden to create a tattoo.. even though I obey her orders but deep inside my heart I always asked myself why tattoo is banned ?? that is not the answer I want to hear.. many pe0ple I asked n many place I was search until now but I still n0t get the answer I want.. so I try to make a hope that anybody can give me the answer that I can accept.. my pleasure to thanks u all…

for de answer of ma questi0n n this is de beh answer i g0t.. actually dis answer already post 2 years ago before i ask dis question.. can visit doc faizal

and for the disadvantages u can klik here-thanks to humyra

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gambar tentang ama ( FINISH UPLOAD )

p/s: im so sori t0 all u guys f0r da late upload this video n n0w alhamdulillah.. to all of u together we give AL-FATIHAH to allahyarham MUHAMMAD AMMAR ZULKIFLI as our respect to him.. thanks al0t..

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