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Thursday, June 11, 2009

so l0ng ammar n ummi halimaton.. miss u b0th~

- time lps abeh spm -

muhammad ammar zulkifi is ma buddy n ma classmate..he seat beside me in our class..
we have a same date of besday n we was b0rn in 1988 july 27th... but NOW HE WAS GONE..f0rever n never will come back to see me again,we can't talk and laugh together like b4..1st..umi was g0ne at 14 mei 09,6.15 at de evening n n0w ama..he was follow umi at 11 jun 1.00 in de m0rning..
Cause Of Death: Base skull fracture.. umi halimaton bt husin is ma teacher when i was in f4-f5.. many pe0ple who was kind t0 me g0ne early..too early b4 me..in ma life b4 i didnt care b0ut spent time t0gether with them.. i think "owh i'll have enough time to spent with them" but i don't have much time actually.. m0reover i don't think that they r imp0rtant to me..until n0w when they r g0ne.. i realize that they r m0st imp0rtant pers0n to me c0z i hve shared ma mem0ries with them.. n n0w they're ma mem0ry.. it's never easy to understand why memories h0ld ma hand but they r g0ne.. so i can't forget them in a wh0le life.. n n0w t0day just a 46 day left b4 our 21st besday.. i though that i can wish him.. ama.. i miss u..i h0pe s0 much that u and umi will c0me int0 ma dream eventhough just f0r a 1 time... please... just f0r a 1 time... i want to talk with u b0th just f0r a last time... i n0e that i can't talk with u both in this w0rld anymore but myb i still have a chance to see u b0th in ma dream.. bt myb u b0th don't have anytime f0r me... 9 years is a sh0rt time but im s0 hepi to know u b0th in ma life.. u b0th make me smiled but if i c0uld show u b0th how much u hurting me n0w, u would never be able to lo0k me in de eyes again.. ama and umi halimaton.. did u b0th know..gudbye is hurt m0re than anything, especially when i know u won't say hello again.. what can i say ama n umi.. we have so many memories..so many things to lo0k back on.. i learned so much fr0m u b0th, gained so much.. i loved the way u made me laugh, i hated when u made me cry.. but i hated most was when i must to say so l0ng n gudbye..did u b0th know.. gudbye make me think u make me realize what i have, what i've l0st n what i've taken f0r granted..
its ok lah ama.. i face dis fated.. n last thing i wish u'll be ALLAH pious one.. hope we'll meet in jannah paradise =) amiinnn
umi halimaton bt husin 6.15pm 14 mei 2009
muhammad ammar bin zulkifli 1am 10 jun 2009m

harapan ibu ammar

Asslamualaikum,bangunlah wahai mujahid dan mujahidah teruskan perjuangan ammar mudah-mudahan ALLAH menjemput Ammar yang disayangi untuk menguatkan semangat dan cinta kepada ISLAM dalam rangka untuk mendidik dan berbakti

ammar: daripada UMMU AMMAR....sekian wassalam

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