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Saturday, September 26, 2009

a sad story.. again and again in year 2009

al-fatihah to my lecturer @ dekan fakulti @ t.pngarah hep uitm pulau-pinang...
taken by LORD at 21 september 2009 @ hari raye ke 2 morning....
thanks for teaching me when i was in part 1... thanks a lot Sir Ahmad Ismail...


Friday, September 18, 2009

aidilfitri and card raye -take it yah

in this hari raya im so tired n i have no idea to create anymore card raye..sowi im not a creative person huhu.. so this is the latest card raye for u all(anybody).. take it n put it at ur blog..

my hari raya speech..(listen carefully ok)

"for thing i did wrong (ala just say "it's ok ihsan i don't mind i forgive u" n for words which might hurt ( if i did it to u just say "i forgive u la ihsan, im sensitive and not ur false, i forgive u..") sincerely apologize.. siyesly" =)
selamat hari raya aidilfitri maaf zahir and batin from me - Muhammad Ihsan~

take care of u all yah =)

latest card raye

card raye since puase =)

ok just wanna thanks all my visitor... in 3 month 1 week n 3 days i got so many visitor... but i think my blog is 'hanya karutan semata2'.. nothing people can take as a knowledge.. rite rite =)

niwey to all my visitor who didn't take it yet.. plz take it yah =)
ini kad raye khas for robin okes.. as my promise =)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

the greatest teacher Sir Zainuddin bin hj jusoh

a flower from the grave~

date: 10th september 2009
time: 03.45 am
place: hospital Tuanku Fauziah Kangar Perlis..
cause of death: cardiogenic schock secondary to acute coronary syndrome

al- fatihah please guys.. thanks alot (^^,)
in a memories-my teachers and buddy klik HERE

a special award to all my 1st 200 follower~

just in five days after i put this entry my profile viewer raise 500 people.. OMG !! thanks goodness =)

ok i know i just have a 200 follower but this is my appreciate to u all my 1st 200 follower.. just in 3 month i have 200th follower and
18 900++ visitor at my blog n 4 100++ profile views.. ok guys take my award.. again sowi.. created it myself.. but i still want to give it to u all !!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

a cute blog that i never know.. =P

date today 09 - 09 - 09 ( don't ask me why i put this date ok -thanks) =P

this message is from ANIM..

"blog laki yg plg cute pnh aku jmpe.ekekeke.."

girls.. my blog is cute huh ?? i don't know where is the point to says that my blog is cute.. i see my blog everyday and i always said " ah serabotnye blog ak !! "

so when u said that my blog is cute... i laugh anim... u are funny..~

ok niwey thanks yah...
n for all my follower n viewer please take this award and kad raye ok.. i know it's weird coz i created it myself but i still wanna give it to u all =P

............................. for all my blog VISITOR

.............................. my FOLLOWER

............................. special for my COMMENTER

............................. KAD HARI RAYA - to u all

put ur link here blogger.. ~♡