klik kasi ikan mkn..di0wg lapa la~

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dato' Haji Ustaz Dahlan bin Mohd Zain in a memory

Dato' Haji Ustaz Dahlan bin Mohd Zain is my Principle at my secondary school and my grandpa best friend at KL around 1700an-1800an.. it's along time ago rite.. Ummi rahimatullah(his wife)
is my mum foster-parent... we're so closed...

the best thing about Him that i remember is He give me my name... Muhammad Ihsan...

Taken by Allah s.w.t in a same year with my granpa.. 2010
may Allah s.w.t bless Ur soul my greatest Ustaz Dahlan.. Al-Fatihah~

Friday, September 10, 2010

aidilfitri and late Grandpa... i miss u~

selamat hari raye i wish to all my friends n to all blogers... wishing u the great day in life.. n i miss my late grandpa... so much huuuu~

Saturday, September 4, 2010

to anybody who is good in programing PIC 16F877A... -mayday- hehe

thanks for reading this post..

my project title is a DIGITAL COMPASS..
so im using KEYPAD 4X4 - LCD 2X16 - SENSOR and PIC 16F877A..
my hardware was complete but i stuck when i want to program my PIC.. how to join keypad lcd and sensor into PIC... oh GOD... please lend me somebody who is kind to help me doing this... or they give me some suggestion.. huhu..
due date for present my project is 24th september 2010.. a week after raye break hehe... sooo worry~

i have this programming but i dont know why it cant work on my hardware.. aiseymen..

thanks thank thanks to anybody who support n pray for me.. ~

Friday, June 11, 2010

after a year ~

after a year ama leave me n my blog celebrate 1st anniversary.. i want to thanks to all my followers and my friends here... i miss u all but i don't have a time to say it everyday... im soo sorry..

i enjoy blogging n i got many experiences here.. i luv my blog so much !!
n i miss my buddy so much...

to all my viewer.. a highest appreciated to u n please to be free to view my blog but actually i dont know what kind of entry i post... just enjoy it guys.. (◠‿◠)~♥

i have been crated my blog 1 year 1 day... i like ~✿

p/s :: sowi guys for being silent.... take care (**,)~ hahaha

i miss someone huhuu~

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

final year project

everyone! I'm pursuing my diploma 3rd year as an electrical engineering student... So i look forward to have a project because.. you know after 2 years i spend my time on calculating numbers and reading a 'trash' subject.. now for the last year in my diploma i'll do my final year project which is to be presented on march or may i think.. sounds good rite =)

so friends i request u to give some smart ideas and help me in doing my project... thanks lah

lets begin.....~

ok mybe i got some ideas
-Closed-loop Digital Fan Controller
Intelligent Door Lock System
Microcontroller Based Digital Code Lock

Friday, January 1, 2010

the meaning of new year of me..~

firstly... happy 2010...
o1 - 01 - 1o.. is it a cute number ???

hope that this year i'll get a lots of luck and miracle in life.......
that's all what i want for my new year..

take this new year card..(in progress - still dun have idea to create a card huhu)

p/s- too lazy tired sleepy n 1001 -ve feeling rite now.. morning new year huhu~

put ur link here blogger.. ~♡