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Friday, June 11, 2010

after a year ~

after a year ama leave me n my blog celebrate 1st anniversary.. i want to thanks to all my followers and my friends here... i miss u all but i don't have a time to say it everyday... im soo sorry..

i enjoy blogging n i got many experiences here.. i luv my blog so much !!
n i miss my buddy so much...

to all my viewer.. a highest appreciated to u n please to be free to view my blog but actually i dont know what kind of entry i post... just enjoy it guys.. (◠‿◠)~♥

i have been crated my blog 1 year 1 day... i like ~✿

p/s :: sowi guys for being silent.... take care (**,)~ hahaha

i miss someone huhuu~


  1. misz benida ::
    alaa sowi laa... im bz maa.. i dunno what but im bz.. wawawaaaa =P

  2. sekejap je kan masa berlalu... all the best to u... dan al-Fatihah buat arwah Ammar...

  3. xpe2..bile abz blanje aku double cheese burger ye..hahaha

  4. nur_nj ::
    yes.. very fast... b thanks nur for da fatihah =)

    syufaa ::
    thnks budak kecik.. i like =)

    misz benida ::
    owh ok mcd yah..

  5. ihsan....how r u??lma nya xupdate blog ye....

  6. HonEyBuNNy ::
    im fine thnks sis... a'a laa.. bz laa ala sowi .. huhu niwey thnks =)

  7. wah2....bznya dia...ok xpa.....keep blogging okeh...

  8. HonEyBuNNy ::
    yah still n always... take care yah =)

  9. http://cutetanpajelita.blogspot.com

    jom join link bru aku.

  10. misz benida ::
    ok.. tnks for da url =)


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