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Sunday, August 30, 2009

in this ramadhan...
im thinking of u buddy
- ammar -

miss to see u
miss to see ur smile
miss to hear ur voice
miss to talk with u
miss to have some joy with u
miss to laugh together with u

miss to see u come into my dream again ammar..

sabda Nabi SAW :

"Tiada seorang muslim yang melalui kuburan temannya yang dikenalinya di dunia, lalu dia memberi salam kepadanya, melainkan Allah akan mengembalikan roh si mati di dalam kuburan itu untuk menjawab salamnya."
- Ibnu Abdil-Bar

sabda Rasullulah s.a.w :

" Tiada seorang pun yang datangmenziarahi kubur itu, melainkan tuan punya kubur itu akan merasa gembira, sehingga si penziarah itu pergi." -Siti Aisyah r.a.

i'll always visit ur grave so u'll happy rite ammar....~
miss u so much buddy~


thanks to nazim for this picture

"jiwa mereka yang hangat cintanya mencari akhirat.. laksana anak-anak akhirat.. melihat dunia dari jendela akhirat" -ammar

Friday, August 28, 2009

guys .. what do u think about this person.. and (plz take kad raye at the bottom of this entry yah) -thanks

ok guys.. some of my friends comment about person who said a harsh words or something stupid at their chatbox.. i just heard and read but now i got 1... it's from kude.. he or she i don't know but maybe i think 'he' but its ok just give him/her a nickname MORON

MORON said at my chatbox:

oOo ****...laki poyo...ntah pape...people please d0n’t ask and ask again ab0ut myself.. I’ll HATE u forever and n0thing can change it I swear.. **** you...poyo...gi duk utan ar...Actually i dun wanna fall f0r gurl f0r n0w n i HATE pe0ple wh0 luv me except ma fmily...haha...fu*k sebab xensem...hahaha

for kude@MORON: i think u did a nonsense thing like this to many of others rite??

ok i know many people like MORON..

in personal..

im so pity with MORON.. maybe MORON want to get a cheap attention from others or MORON's life is so pity and MORON's family didn't care about MORON so MORON do something stupid to get people's attention.. MORON will happy i think when people angry to it(i used it coz kude@morom is a scum n not a human).. even though people angry and hate MORON but MORON are happy coz at least people talk to it and see that it is exist in this world coz nobody care about MORON if MORON is a good human..

to kude@MORON..

ok i explain about 'don't ask me over and over' -if u do this thing that means u a too idiot coz can't remember what i said before..

ok and about 'i dun wanna fall f0r girl f0r n0w n i HATE pe0ple wh0 luv me except ma family' -actually i don't want to care about
people or heartless so if people like me, i must to care about them and don't let my attitude hurt their feeling.. but i don't want to do this thing..
............................. am i 'poyo' or kude jeles??

so they will get hurt.. if u know many girls are very sensitive when they like somebody.. sometimes when their lover are not smiling they will touching or their lover over joke with them.. they will hurt too.. girls can be sooo sensitive.. so i don't want to hurt anybody..

i know myself... i can treat people to like me easily n some time i don't know that i over caring but they think i like them coz im so caring to them..so the best thing i can do is not to make people to like me n mention it early before a bad thing happen..

so for u MORON.. DON'T care about people life.. see a mirror 1st n say 'whats wrong with me?' n be a good person so people surround u will give their love and their care to u.. always smile n don't says a stupid thing without thinking.. people will hate u and u'll don't have many friends..

for me friends mean everything to me coz my friends is my life.. u can get ur happiness with them.. i just realize.. don't hurt people feeling coz they will remember it forever.. and nothing can cure it ok.. we live a short life so do the best think u can do to make people happy..

im not angry when u said like that coz u don't know bout me but im pity with u.. maybe u have a problem so thats why i don't mind.. try to understand u la konon.. u will be more matured and u will realize that what i said is true.. so i wish the best for u.. get a good life with people surround u so deep inside your heart u will says 'im happy'.. g0od luck dude n sori for a nickname (^^,) -ihsan

p/s: guys.. if u think what moron said is true just back up it yah.. i don't mind =)

latest-13th sept 09
from gurun...

i don't know why are stupid people have fun with it ?? ok a stupid joke to a stupid people rite.. yah kude n gurun.. have a fun yah !!! =)

for all my follower, friends and anybody.. im so sorry coz im not always on9 coz im too bz with my test before.. n can't read ur entry n comment on it.. i try my best to still keep close with u all ok..


i think is not too late or too early to wish SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI to all my friends follower n visitor.. so please take this kad raye and put at ur blog yah.. thanks..

Monday, August 3, 2009

hey girls.. do you hate to g0 to scho0l ??

If you HATE having to study for quizzes, tests, finals, anything....

an object used as a coaster, increase the hight of small children, or inc
rease the stability of poorly built furniture.
"where do you want me to put your drink?"
"oh, just leave it on top of that book."

Students should not spend more than 90 minutes per night. This time should be budgeted in the following manner:
-15 minutes looking for assignment
-11 minutes calling a friend for the assignment
-23 minutes explaining why the teacher is mean and just does not like children

-8 minutes in the bathroom
-10 minutes getting a snack

-7 minutes checking the TV Guide
-6 min
utes telling parents that the teacher never explained the assignment
-10 minutes sitting at the kitchen table waiting for Mom or Dad to do the homework.


These are given the night before they are due. This explains the name "long term". It is a long term commitment to time that begins at 9:30PM and ends at 1:30* - or later. It is important that the whole family is involved in the project. It is imperative that at least one family member races to 7eleven/24hoursshop for posterboard, and that at least one family member ends up in tears (does not have to be the student).

e parent needs to stay up and complete the project. The other parent needs to call the school and leave a message that the student is out sick. It is not necessary to have the student's name on the assignment.

*Props to Drew yah (^^,)

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