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Thursday, November 26, 2009

hepi hari raye sembelih yah.. card raye card raye =)

dis card raye sembelih is for u all guys.. take it yah =)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

involved in excident n alive...

in 12nd of november 2009... 2 days before examination jun - dec 09 finish something happen.. 1 tragedy... n it make me feel crazy + angry + sad + happy n many more feeling that i can't show... how stupid the old lady don't know how to drive the car carefully.... ssooooooo stupidddd.... n my leg was broken but THANKS to ALLAH that i still alive =)
but friday nite after excident

but friday nite after excident, my friend n i went to de cinema watched movie n saturday we all round a whole penang n sunday we all went to the sedim... bbq n enjoy our life after exam... no escuse for OKU to enjoy too okes =)

:: im so sowi to all my friends n visitor... too bz n many thing happend so can't update my blog.. again sowi yah =(

put ur link here blogger.. ~♡