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Saturday, September 4, 2010

to anybody who is good in programing PIC 16F877A... -mayday- hehe

thanks for reading this post..

my project title is a DIGITAL COMPASS..
so im using KEYPAD 4X4 - LCD 2X16 - SENSOR and PIC 16F877A..
my hardware was complete but i stuck when i want to program my PIC.. how to join keypad lcd and sensor into PIC... oh GOD... please lend me somebody who is kind to help me doing this... or they give me some suggestion.. huhu..
due date for present my project is 24th september 2010.. a week after raye break hehe... sooo worry~

i have this programming but i dont know why it cant work on my hardware.. aiseymen..

thanks thank thanks to anybody who support n pray for me.. ~


  1. hey.. get the manual.. its very easy.. trust me..

  2. criestz >> Heidi Shafiq
    owh ok thanks bro... i'll try my besh =)

  3. ohhh my...
    the coding is too long for me...
    adehhhh... dah lama tinggal PIC.
    karat sudah... huhuhu.
    tapi leh refer kat manual...
    insyaAllah u can do it. =)


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