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Friday, July 3, 2009

about TATTOO - why it is banned ??? !!! (answer me please)

to all my viewer says smthing at my cmmnt.. anything... thanks

I just want to ask anybody of u guys why making a tattoo is banned.. I know ALLAH s.w.t f0rbid a tattoo on human.. what all I know ab0ut why a tattoo is banned is because of ink to create a tattoo we put on our skin.. so we can’t purify our self because ink of a tattoo block a water fr0m touch our skin..but in this time a tattoo is a marking made by inserting ink into the layers of skin to change the pigment for decorative or other reasons... so water can touch our skin and we can purify our self clean as we go..when I saw people created a tattoo I always want to create a tattoo too.. it nice, cool and it has a benefit in my social relationship n for me tattoo on humans are a type of decorative body modification..i’m n0t doubt a rules what ALLAH s.w.t has been created because I know it has a big disadvantages.. I just always thinking what is the big disadvantages of created a tattoo.. I just want to make my heart calm then i’ll n0t create a tattoo.. I already asked ma teacher about why I can’t make a tattoo but she just said tattoo is banned n I was f0rbidden to create a tattoo.. even though I obey her orders but deep inside my heart I always asked myself why tattoo is banned ?? that is not the answer I want to hear.. many pe0ple I asked n many place I was search until now but I still n0t get the answer I want.. so I try to make a hope that anybody can give me the answer that I can accept.. my pleasure to thanks u all…

for de answer of ma questi0n n this is de beh answer i g0t.. actually dis answer already post 2 years ago before i ask dis question.. can visit doc faizal

and for the disadvantages u can klik here-thanks to humyra

p/s: sp0ken english .. gaaa~


  1. Lol~
    Sorry for this long comment but please read till the end.

    "tattoo is banned is because of ink to create a tattoo we put on our skin.. so we can’t purify our self because ink of a tattoo block a water fr0m touch our skin..but in this time a tattoo is a marking made by inserting ink into the layers of skin to change the pigment for decorative or other reasons... so water can touch our skin and we can purify our self clean as we go"

    No matter how advance the ink is, it is still forbidden. Outside you may seem water can purify our self....but it just cannot.

    The Prophet said :
    "I am leaving you two things and you will never go astray as long as you cling to them -- they are the Book of Allah(Al-Quran) and my Sunnah."

    It is not an Islam way of life to copy others culture. We Muslim had our own culture. Our prophet, Muhammad S.A.W himself doesn't have a tattoo so why should we have one?

    To have tattoo,I think it is almost the same as changing the way you supposed to look(plastic surgery). To change the creation of Allah. That is not something we supposed to do as a Muslim. Be thankful for what you have and the way you look.

    You main reason to have tattoo maybe just to look cool or something like it.

    You think tattoo amazing....but when you're old, those tattoo not going to look the same anymore.
    Trust me, I went for practical at hospital and had see quite a lot of old patient with tattoo. I think they are quite rebel during their young age, might be a gangster or whatever.

    The point is tattoo just going to make you skin look ugly when you're old. Not so cool anymore. The process to remove tattoo not so simple. It may leave scar if not done properly.

    There are also the risk of infection in the process of making tattoo. How sure are you with the equipment used for making tattoo?
    It is not 100% safe. You might get Hepatitis B or any blood transaction disease, worst case...you could exposed yourself to AIDS.

    The tattoo itself going to reflect yourself as a rebellious teenager, a bad person in community, a gangster,etc....
    The community going to look you differently,your family,your friends....
    Is that the social benefit you're saying?
    What's the point in having tattoo when people are saying bad words about you?

    Are you ready to pay the price for having tattoo?

    Tattoo is only allowed if you're in army and the main purpose only to disguise yourself from enemy. Those army tattoo are also temporarily and only applied during training or war purpose, it is not for fun or just to look cool.
    Or maybe if you're spy, to have a tattoo is a must to join a group or gangster. So it is allowed then so you can investigate those gangster.
    Others purpose of tattoo might be for medical but never heard of it so far.

    Right now, you just a student(is it?) and you don't seem to have an allowed reason to have tattoo.

    So stay away from those mind of having tattoo.
    It is just a useless thing to do. Be more matured because tattoo is not the only way to look cool.

    Rather than asking your teacher, why don't you asked someone with higher level of Islam knowledge?
    Teacher for me, not all of them can help us, some of them just have a limited knowledge and just give answers from the book.

    You seems to be not trying really hard to find the answer for this tattoo question.

    How about you go for lessons at mosque? It sure going to help you being a good Muslim. Only if you allowed yourself to change or course.

    Ask those "alim ustaz" about this. It would be better if you can find a modern one rather than "ustaz" who stick to old teaching. There is nothing wrong with old teaching but for the type of teenager just like you who keep questioning things(yes I'm talking about you Criestz) you going to need a creative Ustaz who think outside of the box.

  2. 1stly thnks alot f0r ur cmmnt adziim..
    yes im a student..
    yah i already noe bout tattoo not going same n it look ugly when we're old n it make a scar if u want to clear out ur tattoo i already search disadvntges of having tattoo n i look maself pe0ple who clear all his tattoo..

    if i create a tattoo f0r sure im ready to pay a price f0r it.. if i do im n0t doing bc0z of its co0l.. i hve ma own reason br0..

    n when i ask ma teacher im n0t ask a current teacher.. ma teacher has many knowledge bout islam..

    do u think ustaz or pe0ple who is alwys in mosque can answer ma qsti0n?? mostly 'ustaz' just can give me dalil or hadith to show that they know b0ut what i ask but r u sure ustaz know bout ink of tattoo can block our skin fr0m water?? so i rather ask pe0ple who is in this line.. im n0t insult 'ustaz' but fr0m ma exprience 'ustaz' always advise n if u're not take their advise they will think -ve n blacklist u.. thts what im disappointed bout 'ustaz' so better i ask smb0dy else but im trying to ask ustaz 1st b4 i said it..

    adziim f0r ur informati0n i live in dakwah islamiyah since i was born so don't be afraid.. im trying to be a good muslim.. thts why i ask bout tattoo.. i just n0t feel cmfrtble bout this qstion.. n u gve me a go0d cmmnt.. thts why i put this article.. i dunn0 who r u so i can't find u to ask ma qsti0n.. thnks t0 ALLAH when u viewed ma pr0file n leave ur cmmnt here.. again thnks adziim

  3. Salam.

    Good answer to a disturbed mind question. Well done blackskin.

    I know what you're thinking ihsan and I'm sorry I couldn't answer your question earlier because of my works.

    Anyway, I think the comment by blackskin should answer some of your questions about tatoo. Try to ask Sir Rosdi or Cg Azmi Bahari. They know how to handle this type of questions from their experiences.

    All the best to both of you. Wassalam

  4. thnks shu'bah..
    i just thanks to the sentense
    "no matter how advance the ink is,it is still forbidden, outside u may seem water can purify ur self,but it just cannot"..

    im n0t so sure it's true or n0t but it can make sense n i'll check it.. the rest of it i already know.. f0r ur infrmtion shu'bah de teacher i ask is cgu mai.. its ok i try to ask pkcik r0sdi.. thnks al0t shu'bah f0r ur pr0posal.. i'll try.. n thnks f0r ur cmmnt..

  5. salam..

    maaf,ana x pasti ap yg akn ana sharekn dgn nta ne,adlh spt yg nta inginkn jwpnnya..
    ana hanya mmpu b'kongsi ap yg tlh ana plajari dlu..n ana pasti ap yg ana sharekn ini,p'nh nta plajari dlu sma ad d MATRI @ d mana2..jd,xpe kn kalo ana sharekn ap yg p'nh nta plajari..??

    drpd ibn mas'ud rodhi yallahu 'anh katanya,sabda rasulullah s.a.w: ALLAH melaknat prmpn yg m'buat TATU & yg memnta dbuat TATU,yg m'cukur alis,yg m'jarangkn gigi utk kecantikkan,yg m'ubah ciptaan ALLAH..(muttafaqun 'alaih)

    dlm hadith d ats,rasulullah m'jlaskn p'buatan2 yg d larang n d laknat oleh ALLAH..p'buatan2 t'sebut adlh m'buat tatu,m'cukur alis,m'jarangkn gigi,n p'buatan2 m'ubah ciptaan ALLAH t'msuk pembdahan plastik utk tujuan kecantikkan,menukar jantina, n sbagainya..p'buatan ini DILARANG krn ia mrupakan amalan b'megah2,mlanggar fitrah,n merosakkan anggota badan..

    stp muslim yg b'iman WAJIBLAH m'jaga tubuh badannya dgn baik n sempurna..mreka DILARANG m'ubah suai serta m'hiasinya dgn tujuan yg dharamkn oleh ALLAH..

    perbuatan m'ubah suai ciptaan ALLAH dtgnya drpd SYAITAN yg sntiasa m'hasut manusia..firman ALLAH..(surah annisa':119)

    "dan sesungguhnya aku(SYAITAN) akn menyuruh manusia (M"UBH CIPTAAN ALLAH) lalu mreka benar2 sanggup m'ubah ciptaan ALLAH"

    TATU ialah m'buat tnda @lukisan pd mana2 anggota tubuh badan scara kekal spt d muka,lengan,n blakang..ia dbuat dgn m'gunakn warna2 t'tntu dgn menusuk-nusuk jarum pd anggota badan..

    perbuatan ini adlh HARAM n DILAKNAT oleh ALLAH b'dasarkn hadith rasulullah yg len..

    drpd ibn umar rodhi yallahu 'anh,bhw rasulullah s.a.w melaknat prmpn yg menyambng & yg mminta d sambng rambutnya,prmpn yg m'buat tatu,yg m'asah gigi & yg mmnta d asah giginya..(muttafaqun 'alaih)

    alhamdulillah,smp sni aje yg dpt ana sharekn dgn nta..
    wallahu 'alam..

  6. thnks al0t aaqidah..
    u give me a great advised..
    a appreciated ur cmmnt...
    again thnks

  7. One thing for sure, u r seeking scientific/ rational explanation over this.
    But at the moment, I am so sory that I cud not bring along some facts to defy why tattoo is never good. I will anytime I got some ok?

    maybe u can ask experts of this field.
    sory dear for not helping.

  8. owh its ok iha...
    im waiting f0r ur cmmnt..

    i try ma besh to get the besh answer..

    ma pleasure to thanks u iha..

    take care (^^,)

  9. ihsan,

    ko sruh aku komen...
    aku komen bhase mlayu r, aku BI ni xbpe sgt..

    pasal tatu ni.. klu ko rase ragu2 same ade
    bende ni dibolehkan ke x atau haram ke halal..
    baek ko xyahla kearah tu..
    bende syubhah tu aku rase baek tggl.. aku rase
    ko pn tau kn bnde tu byk bwk masalah kt hidup..
    xsah ibadah,rosak aqidah,rosak diri..

    ko yg dah sedia hensem tu jgnlah diubah2 ihsan oi.. dah cukup kacak dah..

    ok r ihsan.. tu je aku mmpu nk komen..
    aku komen utk diri aku gak.. aku bukan perfect pn kn.. just nk kongsi bersama..

    k ihsan.. Smoga Allah melindungi kita bersama(",)

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  11. ala adam..
    i i noe its banned..
    i think i dont t0 make it f0r ma self..
    i just always thinking bout this..
    it make me a lil tensen..
    coz i can't find the besh answer..
    thta why i ask pe0ple..

  12. wow,very interesting question..i always heard people asked why they have to wear scarf,why can't they colour their hair etc but this is the first time i came across this kinda question..

    for sis la kan, if someone asked me why tatoo is strictly forbidden, i would say that it will make all your ibadah invalid...when all your ibadah are invalid, what is left then?absolutely nothing right?
    what is our purpose in this world?
    to worship Allah right?so when your ibadah is no longer valid,how are you going to face Allah in the hereafter?

    and from other perspective, I would say that it will give very bad impression of you. yeah, we're not suppose to judge people based on their physical right but it's our nature to judge people.At least on the first impression.
    If u happen to have a tattoo and meet your lecturer or teacher, what would they think of you?how can you be confident enough to convince others good things abt you when all they could see is your tattoo and then judge you wrongly?

    of course that is only my opinion, you can agree or disagree,it's your choice =) i'm not perfect but somehow, I hope you can benefit at least something from this comment =)

  13. yes thanks al0t fyza..
    i appreciated ur cmmnt..
    but h0w if tatto's ink is inject inside our skin ??
    so we can purify our self rite..??

    n bout if our lect can see our tattoo so we can close it with our t-shirt rite..
    so ur lect can't see our tattoo..
    u help me but i still hve some question..
    h0w if..???
    i appreciated ur answer n the rest but i still can answer again..
    i dunn0 why n im s0ry..
    but i still take ur advise n de rest to be a go0d muslim.. may ALLAH bless u all (^^,)

  14. hurmm.. bout this matter.. (especially the inject thing)

    dia jarum yang sangat halus, mesin tato0 tu inject laju-laju, jarum tu bgerak dengan amat laju..
    dia masuk dalam kulit, colour tu masuk dalam kulit kita, sebab tu berdarah dan bengkak.

    sistem dia macam mesin jahit baju. kaler tu absorb di lapisan atas kulit. ibarat benang pada mesin jahit. benang tu masuk kat kain (kulit) dan nampak jahitan pada permukaan kain. macam tu la juga tatoo.

    bila dah jadi camtu, sama juga lah dengan tatu tu menutup lapisan kulit. jadi bila kita bersuci, tak kena permukaan kulit, bukan ke tak sah?

    nanti ana cuba cari lagi penerangan yang lebih terperinci dari orang yang arif...


  15. hey nadia..
    nice comment..
    yes u're rite..
    de ink still block our skin fr0m water..
    but if they create a new machine..
    that can put de ink inside our skin??
    do i can create a tattoo??
    maybe smtimes we can create a tattoo f0r our self n its n0t f0rbidden anym0re... =)
    its n0t imposible ait..

  16. agree with adkarika..
    if u are not too sure about this, ask the right person, if u doubt it, just stay away from that thing,it is syubhah and dont get urself involve into syubhah's matter...

    I have no good facts or info regarding on this matter, as I am not the right person to give my own reason..yup..i'm too far in this field..so to be in the safe area, STAY AWAY!!!

  17. hey thanks atiqah..
    yes im n0t sure f0r now..
    but if im sure that one day we hve a machine
    that we can put de ink totally inside our skin
    its possible to us do ait..
    but i still doubt bout change our body..
    is we chnge our body??
    we just put somthing n we;re not chnge enything..
    am i rite ?? guy ??

  18. ihsan..

    i just wanna say,

    tattoos make u look ugly..

  19. usaid tattoo make i look ugly??
    r u sure ??
    do u know baout art ??
    i don't know..
    but i believe in art..
    it's ok..
    i'll not do it ever insyALLAH..
    so dun worry yah shahida (^^,)

  20. salam ihsan..

    check this out..


    cari entry: best ke bertatu?

    suke sgt click blog orang. terjumpe entry ni..
    have a nice reading

  21. thanks shahida..
    i'll forever rmmber ur support..
    again.. thanks sis..so much (^^,)

  22. salam..
    one thing i learnt from observing the seerah is that the 1st generation of Islam did what Allah and His messengers told them to, with no questions asked. No demands for reasons, no excuses for escaping the orders from them.

    this also applies to tattooing (from what i observe). no matter what excuses we seek, what is haram will always be haram. and what is halal will always be halal, regardless of the technologies invented to make the haram look more "halal".

    take another analogy.. if pig's meat had been, by some advance technology, be cleaned away from all the germs and worms, etc, they will still be haram to eat, no matter what claims other people have about them already being good and healthy to be eaten. i know this analogy seems a bit far off, but i think u're able to relate it to tattooing as well.. no matter how advanced the technology, what is deemed haram from hadith or the quran will always stay the same.

    i know, sometimes people say that the rules are too much/ too strict/ etc. but hey.. ALlah had created us, rite? so He must know what's best for His servants. Our job is to believe, that what He had allowed, is best, and what He disallow, is just something He knows will bring us harm.

    from scientific point of view, i've found a few last year, when i took pathology. you can drop by this website: http://www.thedoctorsdoctor.com/diseases/tattoo.htm
    there are indeed many dangers of tattooing, risks that involve our own life, even. is it really worth is to defy Allah and go for something which may end up putting our life at danger? I would rather choose a better way to end life than make it be because of tattooing.

    well.. i guess that's from me.
    sorry if there is any mistake in info or etc.
    may Allah bless.

  23. criestz>humyra'
    thanks so much humairah for ur cmmnt n webpage..
    ok about ur analogy-about pig rite..
    pig is totally haram n create a tatto is haram but ink n it tools is not haram to to we touch..
    so i think it is not a strong analogy..
    but its ok as long as u still give ur support i'll appeciate u sis.. n ur recommend website give me alot of knowledge that i never know..
    again thank you so much humairah..


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