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Thursday, July 16, 2009

am i a sweet talker ??

when i was young i meet many people in my life and i always watch pe0ple personality.. what i learn from it is i can read a people body language.. it's very interesting.. i swear !! i can play with people emotion.. i can make them feel happy, sad, angry or guilty ..

it's very
easy to make people like me.. i just make them smile and happy, laugh together with them.. and about girls.. it's very easy to trick them to like me.. i am n0t do something bad but i just apply a knowledge.. it's mean what all i do is i just give what their heart desire.. it's not hard to give what they want because all what they want is hear a good things about them.. i just praise them with what make a sense even though it's not true but they like it.. yah it's good...

and the very important thing how to make them like me so much is a take care.. a simple words but it work( very perfect ).. as we know mostly girls need a attention from others.. they can solve their pr0blem them self but they still want to tell people their problem.. just want pe0ple to listen their problem and they will feel batter.. and im a good listener and they trust me.. that makes they like me so much.. but when they like me so much i'll go far away from them.. actually i don't like people if they like me so much (so don't like me so much ok) ..why u all girls always like that huh~

so the problem is am i a sweet talker ?? because i just want to make people surround me happy with me.. this entry is belong to girls who is think that im a sweet talker and for anybody who is like me so much(please don't).. and for all you guys if you want to says something just comment and i'll hit you back yah =)

p/s: still in broken engilsh =P


  1. r u?? i dont think so..akk pun xtau ar..sbb xpenah ckp n jmpa esan..hehe!! My advice is..be yourself!

  2. u can be a sweet talker but never ever leave a hope from the way you treat girls..bcoz girls normally can see hopes in every relationships either with the same gender or the opposite one..that's why when u leave them after all the good deeds u do, it will break their heart..and they will definitely won't forget the bad thing u did though u hve done good deeds more than that..

  3. wow...akak rasa tak salah nak take care seseorg..but take care2 juga..jgn sampai sakitkan hati mereka sudah la...bukan ihsan sorng la yang mcm tu...n tak semestinya kata2 manis tu keluar dr mulut seorg lelaki...perempuan pun kadang2 pandai juga main dengan kata2..tak salah nak guna kata2 manis...tp berpada2 la...jgn sampai mereka mengharap sesuatu yang lebih dri kita..hehehe..akak m.maaf kalau comment ni ada tersalah kata..=p...wish me luck ea 4 my presantation 2mrw.

  4. hm. you can't really tell if someone's a sweet talker or not. i make friends easily and i get people liking me really quickly too, but i'm no sweet talker. i'm more of a sarcastic offender. hehe. =) i guess many of us are heartwarmingly forgiving. thus the reason of my reputation.

    aha, true. girls like guys who nicely show that they care. simple-minded girls fall for that trick all the time. you'll find that it's so much harder if the girls are the thinking kind.

    oh yes, what i really want to say is..come on, why show you care when you know that later on you'd leave? why can't we all be friends, caring for each other and staying together for the fun of being friends? the world would certainly be a better place that way..i believe.

    personally i'd say, show that you care only when you mean it. not do it because you simply like the idea of being liked. that's not even natural. let alone satisfying. it leaves that hole within you that you can't close with anything. seriously, not fun.

    but really, saying nice things is good. i do that all the time, untuk silaturrahim.

    and ah, one more thing..please don't take this as an offend, but your sentence structures are quite messed up. my salutations for your bravery to write in english, not many has that. i can help you with grammar, if you want. =)

    and nice blog. keep it going. good luck!!

  5. criestz>fiza
    yes kak fiza u don't know every little thing bout me.. i m ma self =)

    why i leave them is just coz of 1 thing.. i don't want to hurt them coz im n0t give them h0pe.. just a caring as a frend.. niwey u said a rite thing atiqah.. i saw it =(

    thanks akak f0r da advise.. i try not to hurt anyb0dy =).. gud lukt yah !!

  6. criestz>Max J. Potter
    actually i like every little words from ur comment.. some time sis.. i think that i want to make a pengkid to like me.. it is coz i know it's very hard to make them like a boy..

    tomboy as i see their heart still a girl's heart.. it's not difficult to make them to like me and to show that they are still a girls like others..

    i can see when i leave them(a girls) they are hurt but actually i very appreciated a cute girl so i take care them just to show that i appreciated them when they came into ma life..

    but i don't like people when they like me coz when people like me they will become very sensitive n i hate to look after people's feeling.. im a heartless..

    for me their feeling is their responsibility and mot me.. so better i leave them and they will forget me and no need to me to look after their feeling.. i know its wrong.. but i don't mind..

    im sori..

    but this is ma life.. all what i have done is just for a one reason.. i don't want to get hurt... it's hurt rite =P so im very happy with ma life and people's life is their responsibility..

    i know i write in a spoken english and ma grammar is bad.. thats why i try to write in english.. coz i try to improve ma english.. n im very thankfull to people who is warning and help me to improve ma english.. i need it.. for me ur comment is not an offend it's mostly like u give ur hand when i try to rise.. again thanks yah sis..

  7. salam:)

    yg penting niat kita dan jadi dri kita.
    tapi biar berpada-pada .

    jaga dri, hiasi peribadi:)

  8. try to write in full sentences and using correct words. That will help you improve your English. and also read a lot of English reading materials. I'm also still struggling with my grammar and vocab.

    about this post, I think, sweet talking to strengthen your silaturrahim is acceptable, but watch your ikhtilat. you already knew what it is.

    and don't give hope to girls. seriously,they will easily fall for that trap. If we don't want our family members to be fooled by some guys, why should we be the one who did it to other girls.

    just my 2 cents, take care. wassalam

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  10. criestz>arnamee
    thanks sis.. take care yah

    thansk syu'bah.. actlly i just don't want give any hope thts why i leave them.. not to fool them.. niwey thnks

  11. criestz>mrsmeme
    what ecah??
    'jadilaaa' ??
    oh no no no
    i'll laugh maself =P

  12. biar ana berbhasa melayu la ye..rojak =)
    tak slh if u wanna be a sweet talker..or what so ever..
    biar apa yg kita kata lahir dari hati yang bersih dan dalam rangka nk ubudiyah..
    org mukmin setiap bicara, perbuatan dia tak sia2..apatah lagi mengundg mudarat pada org lain kan..

    byk dh komen2 membina..

    akhir kalam...jadilah dirimu yg sebenar..

  13. my english broken too but thats not the prob. we are malay.hihi :P

    sweet talker, r u?
    so sweet :P

    whatever it is,
    juz be yourself n make sure u are happy 1st before others.thats will give u n yr frens feel more hepi. ** i thought**

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  15. criestz>sinar_islami
    thanks sya.. i always be ma self..
    don't worry yah =)

    yah im very happy with ma life now..
    u're malay n im omputeh 'celop' !!
    gaaa~ =P

  16. "jika kamu memancing ikan..
    setelah ikan itu terlekat di mata kail..
    hendaklah kamu mengambil ikan itu..
    jangan sesekali kamu lepaskan ia semula..
    ke dalam air begitu saja..
    kerana ia akan sakit oleh kerana bisanya ketajaman mata kailmu dan mungkin ia akan menderita selagi ia masih hidup...
    begitulah juga setelah kamu memberi banyak pengharapan kepada seseorg..
    setelah ia mula menyayangimu hendaklah kamu menjaga hatinya..
    jangan sesekali kamu meninggalkan begitu saja..
    kerana ia akan terluka oleh kenangan bersamamu dan mungkin tidak dapat melupakan segalanya selagi ia mengingatimu..
    jika kamu menadah air biarlah berpada..
    jangan terlalu mengharap pada takungannya..
    dan janganlah menganggap ia begitu teguh..
    cukuplah sekadar keperluanmu..
    apabila sekali ia retak..
    tentu sukar untuk kamu menampalnya semula..
    akhirnya ia dibuang..
    sedangkan jika kamu cuba membaikinya mungkin ia masih dapat dipergunakan lagi..
    begitu juga jika kamu memiliki seseorang..terimalah seadanya..
    janganlah kamu terlalu mengaguminya..
    dan janganlah kamu menganggapnya begitu istimewa..
    anggaplah dia manusia biasa..
    apabila sesekali dia melakukan kesilapan, bukan mudah bagi kamu untuk menerimanya..
    akhirnya kamu kecewa dan meninggalkannya..
    sedangkan jika kamu memaafkannya..
    boleh jadi hubungan kamu akan terus hingga ke akhirnya..
    jika kamu telah memiliki sepinggan nasi..
    yang kamu pasti baik untuk diri kamu..
    mengapa kamu berlengah cuba mencari makanan yang lain..
    terlalu ingin mengejar kelazatan..
    kelak nasi itu akan basi dan kamu tidak boleh memakannya..
    kamu akan menyesal..
    begitu juga jika kamu telah bertemu dengan seorang insan..
    yang pasti membawa kebaikan kepada dirimu..
    mengapa kamu berlengah,cuba membandingkannya dengan yang lain..
    terlalu mengejar kesempurnaan..
    kelak kamu akan kehilangannya apabila ia menjadi milik org lain..
    kamu juga akan menyesal..
    "Bersyukur dan Redha dengan ape yang dikurniakan

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  18. criestz>mat ropi
    i like fishing..
    in de water or in de land gaaa~

    n don't worry i'll not leave it back after i catch it..
    but it bef0re i get bowink lar..

    i'll not let it die
    but i leave it and chatch a new 1 =P

  19. i am glad to know that u also like fishing..
    We got the same interest..

    hehehe =)

  20. hohoho.
    if you are sincere in your praises, you're not a sweet talker. if they dont deserve the praise but you still praise them to make them like you..thats like kissing up. haha.

    anyhow, being nice to people is good. its better to make people feel pleasant instead of ruining their days.

    hey, blog walking and I followed you. Boleh ek.

    -salam pkenalan, nice reading your blog. keep up practicing english-

  21. Gua nak ajal lu dtg makan kenduri kat blog gua.Folo baca doa skali pun takpa.

  22. urmm.. aaa.. uu...

    girl owez need attention...

    n wen dey feel sad, dey jz need sum1 to listen to.. not to advise dem..

    these are fact bout girl...

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  24. Hello, your blog is really cool! Please visit mine too, charmedwishes18.blogspot.com thanks!

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  26. thanks dude...
    yah i knew it fr0m others =P

  27. yes nadia...
    but they want my shoulder
    when they wanna crying..
    hadoyay... =p

  28. criestz>imran
    i just like 'fishing' n n0t finshing l0r huhu

    i just praise ma frend... for who is nob0dy to me i'll never come int0 their life n talk to them.. coz i hve ma own life with ma frend..
    ok thnks f0r da walking here.. nice shoes huh ! =P thnks sis (^^,)

  29. jadilah diri anda. yakin dengan diri anda. sentiasa berdoa kepada Allah untuk kebahagian dan pemeliharaanNya.

  30. criestz>chapter14
    hey thanks syifa...
    i always need ALLAH's attnti0n..
    n i'll safe evrytime...

    again thnks yah

  31. ur shoulder?? eheks... kena buat spare part shoulder rr cenggitu.. :P

  32. criestz>aidanadia
    its ok.. i hve 2 sholders and 2 arms..
    so i can handle 4 girls in 1 time.. ok x ?? =p

  33. Eu.. I cant stand man with sweet-talks. I might (most likely) go yucky mucky. Go tuff! You are a tuff being after all!!
    Say NO to soft-spoken man.

  34. boley3.... tapi boley handle ke 4-4?? ahaha~!

  35. criestz>farihah
    NO WAY =P... ok??

    ala ok je bwu 4 owg kn kn..
    kanan kiri dpn blakng..
    wah cm dlm syurga =P

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  37. criestz>ayumiyoshida
    ok thanks..
    u make me laugh lor nurul =0

  38. dlm syurga?? eii.. gatai.. ahaha~!

  39. criestz>aidanadia
    ea mane ade gatai...
    u ask if i can handle it..
    yes ofcoz i can handle it...
    so do want to be one of them???
    eleh elele =P

  40. ahahha~! *sengih panjang sambil pipi sudah memerah*

    adeii.. tpaksa mengakui.. memang sweet talker btol.. wahaha~!

  41. criestz>aidanadia
    im n0t... kot =P

  42. Your blog is very nice. The images are very beautiful. Wish you all the best. God is Great.

  43. sweet talker is bgos wat..huhu...coz not all can be a sweet talker..so praised la u r da one who r given dis gifted..huhu...

    nwy, hepi bsday 2 u n ama as well=)

  44. criestz>nutasa
    owh thanks.. but im n0t yet kot...
    yah thnks agaain for da wishes.. present2?? =P

  45. i just wanna say bout the moron.

    moron is loser+loser=double loser=MORON.

    THTS IT. to moron, go get ur life, dun bother others. tq.

  46. criestz>Tyna Aizat
    u cmmnt in a wrong entry tyna.. =P


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