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Friday, July 31, 2009

study + dying = studying

0h my goodness... ~

I found myself again under pressure to go out and go to my campus.. it so tiresome that i sometimes want to sleep and wake up no more. but, i know, waiting always has an essence. i just hope i could finish again

. i want to rest! every time classes open, i always feel restless. i need to be serious. i only have one 'opponent' here in campus and that is myself. i should compete to them(my classmate) and put my best foot forward if i dont' want to fail. i should. i really should.

towards this end ?? i think it is wrong if i would only say that studying is tedious, because infact, i had & i am having great times or fun as well! how? the competitions, the adrenaline rush every time i go up at the stage, the smile i give to my lovers and other people, the silly projects, and so many, many, many (as in many!) things!

that's one of the many reasons why we should be grateful to be given the opportunity to study...

i love to study but in the same time im dying.... (XX,)


  1. college life is great..
    it's on how u make it greater and greatest..

    enjoy it..!

  2. criestz>[z@ck]
    yah.. on how we enjoy it.. like jeles to our jr ?? aim them if them being rude.. if them speaking english behind us... rite2.. just joking =P

  3. Salam.

    stdy3^. nanti nyesal + rindu bila dah hbs study ,dik.
    grateful we in malaysia, rite?;p

  4. criestz>arnamee
    yes kak aniem.. uitm studnt...~
    n i enjoy my campus life here...

    many cutest girls here.. =)

  5. ekeke.

    study smart taw^^

    so noty ea;p
    takpe2, mybe jumpe ur jodoh there;p

    p/s : btw, thnks bcoz owez drop by n give ur cmmt in my blog - so sweet. really appreciate that, dik;p

  6. criestz>arnamee
    coz im so bored n dunno what to do huhu..

  7. takpe, blogwalking good for health.;p ^^

  8. jgn mals2....time stdy la besh..enjoy r....nway gd luck...i`m agree with ZACK "college life is great but it is also depands on us how to manage it....but sometimes bored gk r kn..hahha..especially time exam..hu3...

  9. hahaha.... x perasan lak formula tu ... studying = study + dying... hehehe kene mintak cekgu kimia check, seimbang x parsamaan ni... rasa-rasanya '1study + 10dying baru jd studying... ' i'm dying...

  10. huhu suke sgtt ngn dak kecik taw..
    eina p0n de gaks ank sedara 2taun tapi laki la.. huih nakal p0n best taw..huhu xnk la ank sedara awk.. ank sedara sy dh cuk0p.. opss bkn aina tp eina la~~

  11. criestz>arnamee
    yah i can find many cute girls too.. and collect my award from them too.. n n.. wah soo many too =P

    hah??? who said time exam is a boreing time ??
    i have NO time to waste tau kak ila huhu if my exam 3 hours i wish that i could get 5 hours..i want it for my circuit paper huhu

    ala kak azma.. u can ask me bout that formula.. but this is not a chemistry formula coz we take all of it n mix them.. chem formula just take a few of them je kan.. this is math formula.. yah i luv math so much muuuahh! (so exited) =P

    criestz>dak eina
    owh ok eina.. sweet name for a cute girl...
    ok i don't want my niece to.. so sengal =p

  12. wawwawawwawa...xnk r smpai 5 jam...hahhha..borink tu...dk lam dewan lama2...huuhuh..it`s ok la...diffrent people diffrent taste.....pk pn lain2....i`m so sorry k....ahhaha

  13. criestz>HonEyBuNNy
    akak... i want 5 hours coz i don't have much time.. 3 hours for us is a short time huhu..
    if im so terer i cn go out early so im not boring.. but if i can't answer coz i don't know yah it's so boring.. but im writing faster n still dont hve much time huhu tht make us stress huhu =(

  14. oh yeah...rilek2...b cool...hahhah...amk kos apa neh yg smpai xckop masa eh>>>hu2...nti akak gtau A&R suoh pnjgkn msa...hahhahaha

  15. criestz>HonEyBuNNy
    ala kak ila.. we all an electrical engin student jew... i want to get dean.. but just hope.. huhu

  16. study rerajin..jgn mls..campus life mmg best tp itulah ujian sbg pljr...xsbr nk abis study ni..

  17. criestz>Brilliant Marjan@اداويه
    yah sis... im not going to be lazy.. but i dont like to go to work.. study best =)

  18. tak pernah la buat rumus camtu..
    menarik.. =)
    belajar3..berbaloi je..
    penat skrg, susah skrg utk senang masa hadapan jua

  19. criestz>sinar_islami
    u're too focus on ur MEDIC..
    this is a math@lazystudent formula la sya =P

  20. bersusah susah dahulu,
    bersenang2 kemudian~

  21. hu3..kdg2 kita akn rasa mcm di spnjang kmbara mnntut ilmu..ada hikmahnya..ku percaya itu

  22. campus life la best ihsan..
    blaja rajin2 tau ihsan..
    jangan kerja nak mengorat je..

    lagi2 gadis2 hoki kamu tu..
    aja diorang je bukan ngorat !


  23. criestz>nuRRul
    thanks nurul yah u;re rite..

    criestz>ain nina..
    shadap la kak nina.. u talked too loud.. pe0ple can hear u.. =P

  24. keje kuat dr skrg...moga masa depan cerah... fokus fokus fokus..belajar untuk berjaya!! good luck!

  25. criestz>pn-iena
    yess mem.. focus focus focus..
    waarrrghhhh tensennn =P

  26. wahh mem mem lak dia.. ahaks komen yg biasa2 jer..yg penting fokus fokus fokus tau!!..bersusah2 dulu bersenang2 kemudian... betul tak?

  27. criestz>pn-iena
    oh ok do not tesnen ihsan.. rlx.. rlx..rlx..
    zzZzzZzZzZzzzZzzzz whuuuuu..~ =P

    ok mem =)

  28. huih ihsan.. smngat nk rye bet0l kamu nie.. haha

  29. criestz>shasha.eiqa.fiqa
    thnks dear =)


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